Dec 9, 2010

The Past is Prologue

Unless your name is Brandon Sanderson, every person who writes that I've heard of enjoys taking a rest after wrapping up a book. It refreshes the brain after so much work, granting you time to harvest ideas, scenes, people for the next one. Maybe watching movies, or nibbling cookies, or just sleeping like Rip Van Winkle.

After finishing my first truly workable novel (but sixth overall) one week ago to the hour, I now find myself planted in this spot.

And I'm ready to move forward.

The only question remains: what? Am I turning into a horror guy by writing another scary story? Take a left turn swerving into dark fantasy? 360 degree it to historical romance (no)? Assuming the previous book eventually finds a publisher, the next book remains just as important as the first, more so in today's hyper aware, rapidly shrinking fiction market. Counting the number of promising writers who died out with that second book into obscurity or the land where people give up writing period, it's clear you need to watch your step.

So for me, the answer is do something similar but different. In music terms, variations on a theme. Perhaps the next book will remain horror, but in this case it will not be a personal book set in a growing city, but rather an epic journey across the inner halls, back corners, and tight spaces of a country. Grand Guignol Americana.

Dec 6, 2010

Welcome to Strange Country

This is gonna be something soon--but for now? There's no sign post up ahead, no roads back, and every step takes you deeper into the membranes of a place where seas are glass, ripples go out over the sky from the voices of monsters, and the air is always lighter on the skin than it should be.

Welcome to Strange Country: the blog of a writer-in-waiting jotting down what he sees in a place beyond weird.