Oct 13, 2012

New articles soon

"Where have you been?" you probably want to ask me, like one of those parents who waits by the door when their son is three hours past curfew and reeking of booze.

To answer your question, dad and/or mom, I've been working on freelance writing and a normal person job, which doesn't leave me much time to work on the blog. I've been tired, not inspired, and not playing much that really makes me want to write about it. (I don't believe in writing just to write, or you become one of those Internet Reviewers who has a lot to say about jack shit.)

But I've also been working on something else: a backlog of articles for Gone to Strange Country.

Between now and November, I will have built up enough to release one every week between now and 2013. Every week, there will be at least one new article--not always a 5+ pager, but at least a few coherent thoughts. That's my promise to my readers out there: I'll be in early next time.

In the future, you will witness and shock at:

-Resident Evil 6
-Max Payne 1-3
-Tetsuya Nomura