Jul 11, 2015

The Last Strange Country Post... on Blogger!

Join me on my new Strange Country Tumblr for tips on learning to write fiction as well as opinion/criticism writing on video games, novels, film, television - and whatever comes to my mind. 

I have opinions, and you'll hear them.

In fact, I already wrote a bunch of posts. Let me be honest: I've never been that active on this blog, but since creating my new home I've done about as much writing as I would in 6 months on this blog in only 30 days. I post, and I post frequently. Thank you to any who follow me and for your views on this blog, even if you have chosen to remain silent, and I hope you make the trek with me to Strange Country Tumblr.

Here's some quick links to a few posts:
2016 Elections: Apathy Is Not the Way Forward...But Is There A Way?
The Fake Given Life: Metal Gear Solid (1998)
The Future of Silent Hills/PT is the Past
No One Has Seen Bond's Quantum of Solace Quite Like I Have
Writing Fiction: How to Burn Your (Bad) Book

Goodbye, but I'll see you again: 
this is only chapter one ending. Chapter two is out there, being written right now at my new home.


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